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Amazon Smile, a new way of helping.

Amazon Smile, a new way of helping. Amazon Smile, a new way of helping.
23 Aug 2018 09.26AM

Have you thought about saving children's lives while you are shopping on your favourite e-commerce?

We are sure that you have bought a lot of things through Amazon. Have you ever thought that you could help save children's lives while you are shopping?

Amazon Smile is a donation program created by Amazon. It's a simple, automatic and a trustworthy way to help others and share your support for a cause while shopping online.

The process begins when users log into Amazon Smile and select a charity organization so Amazon donates 0,5% of the total price of said purchase to whichever organization chosen by the buyer.

Users can pick a charity from a list displaying nearly one million public organizations. It also provides a search bar where specific organizations can be tracked by location or specific name.

The great thing about the site is that it looks exactly like the regular Amazon homepage and it offers the same products and categories, making it very easy to navigate on both for regular and non-regular users.

Another extra point for Amazon Smile is that they don't charge extra money for the donation. You only need to choose “eligible products” in order to donate.

Next time you go shopping online at Amazon, don´t forget to log into Amazon Smile and choose FundaHigado America Foundation so you can start saving children lives with us. Go and tell your friends to join our cause!